Legal notice and Privacy policy

By accepting these terms and conditions of use, you also agree to our Legal notice y nuestra Privacy policy.

Purchasing process

The purchase can be made by creating an account that you can use in future purchases or without creating an account. The account is created when you fill in the password in step 1 of the shopping cart.

The product

  • Choose the possible options of the event.
  • Add the product to the cart and proceed to Checkout.

The shopping cart

  • After seeing a summary of your cart, select again Checkout.
  • The shopping cart consists of 4 steps:

1 - Personal information

  • Required fields: Name, Surname, Email, Accept Privacy and Terms of use
  • Optional field to create an account in the I3A store at that time: Password 

2 - Addresses

  • The address that appears to fill in is your contact address.
  • By default this same address will be used to make the invoice. If you want to use another address, you must uncheck that option at the bottom of the address form.

3 - Shipping method

  • In events and congresses there is no shipping, therefore they are associated with a free shipping.
  • Here you have an optional field to send us your possible comments.

4 - Payment

  • Invoice: Our invoice will be e-mailed to you within 5 workdays after registration. In the name and VAT Nr of your institution, including also the registered person data (name and ID/Passport Nr).
  •  You can also choose the Internal Payment option of the University of Zaragoza.
  • Select the payment method you want to use: Payment by bank transfer, card or UZ internal payment.
  • You must accept the terms of service.
  • An order summary is displayed.
  • Once completed you have to click on Place order. 

Order confirmation

After placing the order, an Order Confirmation window opens where it is indicated:

  • The email address to which all the order information has been sent.
  • A summary of the order.
  • If you have chosen to pay by bank transfer, the data and information to complete said payment appear.

Payment and Order completion

  • To complete the order or the registration process for the event, you must proceed to make the payment.
  • If you have chosen to pay by Card,after placing the order in step 4 of the cart, a window will open with the TPV of our bank so that you can pay. It is a completely safe environment. You can vary more information in this link: Secure payment
  • If you have chosen to pay with Wire transfer, With the data that has appeared in the window or that has been sent to you by email, you must proceed to make the transfer.
  • In all cases, once you make the payment correctly, your order or registration will be completed and you will be sent an email of payment made correctly.

User account

If you have decided to create a user account, you can access your data from the links available at the bottom of the web or from this link: Your account

There you can see these sections with the information associated with your data:

  • Your personal information
  • Your addresses
  • Your history and details of your orders
  • Obtain your personal data that we have stored, in format PDF and CSV. You can also request its modification or elimination from here.
  • Other extra information that we have requested, such as those necessary for invoices.